Terms & Conditions

The referrer is existing player and Referee is a new player who is being referred by the referrer. Referring player should have an active Time2Poker account

To claim to refer a Buddy bonus, referred player must register and buy real chips

To receive Referral benefits, your Referee must register by using the URL sent by you from the Refer-A-Buddy page.

Referee holding Time2Poker account already is not considered as Invited Buddy.

Registrations of multiple accounts from the same IP address are immediately forfeited Different persons providing same bank accounts are not considered as Invited Buddies. Refer multiple Buddies without any limitation.

All those buddies you refer are the ones whom you personally know. Never resort to any promotional tactics or whatsoever and represent them as your friends.

You agree to the use of third-party websites by PokeCircle.com as part of importing address book consisting of the email addresses of your friends. Also, you have no objection in third party websites acquiring such information.

You understand that all such third party websites are known to maintain their own policies and procedures.

You are solely responsible in case of the privacy policy getting violated for following website URLs and links that are beyond the capacity and/or administration of Time2Poker.

Inviting strangers in the guise of friends through bulk emails is considered as spamming, which we strictly discourage and never entertain. Any such referrals obtained are not considered for Refer-A-Buddy bonus.

You must ensure that your referee has consented to receive our e-mail invitation, are eighteen (18) years of age or over and do not reside in territories in which our services are strictly restricted.

Time2Poker.com reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time without any prior notice.

We have a liability to block your account if you violate our T&Cs.